Conservative Christianity
in a Spirit of Grace

The Van/Bus Ministry is an outreach program with an emphasis on evangelism. Van/Bus Ministry teams are lead by dedicated team captains who visit families on designated routes. The goal of the Bus Outreach Ministry is to reach as many individuals as possible with the Gospel and to lead them and their families to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. The overall objective of the van/bus team is to give every person on their route the opportunity to invite Jesus Christ into their life to be Savior and Lord and then to bring them into the church where they can be nurtured, grow, and help others to grow.

The Lord has blessed our church with two new buses; one large passenger bus and one smaller as well as some 15 passenger vans. We don’t believe that God gave us these vehicles to remain stationary. Therefore, our goal is to keep these vehicles in motion weekly reaching our community through this transportation ministry.  Our buses and vans are mobilized every Sunday morning getting children and teenagers to church in time for Sunday School and Church. We also run our buses and vans for KIDZ’ KLUB on Wednesday nights getting them to church by 7 p.m. Our Van/Bus Ministry is made available to anyone living in the Nitro area. Lord willing we will reach out further in the near future. Although we love to provide transportation for all, we cannot pickup children under the age of 5. If you need a ride to church call (304) 722-4677.