Conservative Christianity
in a Spirit of Grace

NURSERY CLASS: Newborn to 24 months

So many people think “infants” can’t learn, but here at Twin City Bible Church, we believe you can’t start too soon. By using simple lessons and activities to teach basic Bible truths to children under two we can introduce our babies and toddlers to God, their Creator, and to Jesus, God’s Son. Patti, through her love for Christ and these little ones, communicates God’s love by meeting their needs!

BEGINNERS’ CLASS: 2 Yrs to 4 Yrs.

Anyone who has ever had a child in the Beginners’ Class knows what a blessing it is to have Susan and Kevin Hager as teachers for their little ones. Every Sunday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Hager, as they are known by the children, Plant Faith in each of the children by helping them to learn who Jesus is, who made them, who takes care of them, and the truths go on and on.

PRE-PRIMARY CLASS: 4 Yrs through Kindergarten

Our Pre-Primary Class is taught by Jennifer Edwards and Karen Robinson. Each Sunday the children learn to sing praises to God, “they even have their own bell choir”, they make crafts and, of course, learn from God’s Word. Some of truths they learn are: “Going God’s Way,” “God’s Word and Me,” “Learning to Love God’s Word” and “Growing in God’s Word.”

PRIMARY CLASS: 1st Grade through 3rd Grade

The Primary Class is taught by Jennie French and Isabel Anderson. This age group is absolutely one of the best. Why? Because at this age, the children are the most open to learning about God. Each Sunday they are challenged by “Bible Adventures,” “Discoveries in God’s Word,” and “Growing for God” to name a few.

JR GIRLS & BOYS CLASS: 4th Grade through 5th Grade

The teachers for the Jr. Girls’ Class are Susan Lewis and Denia DeBord. They not only learn about the truths of God’s Word and how to face daily challenges God’s way, but they also have activities to help them learn how to become godly young ladies. The girls in this class are truly blessed to have such Godly ladies to teach them from God’s Word.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CLASS: 6th Grade through 8th Grade

The teachers for this class are Bill McFarland and Champe Butlet. They have recently been studying transformation by the grace of God. This age group of young people are facing challenges like never before and need the sound teaching of God’s Word to help them navigate the problems they face daily.

SR. HIGH CLASS: 9th Grade through 12th Grade

This class is taught by C.J. Krasyk and Ryan Bandy.  They teach the love of Christ to these young adults who are getting prepared to face the world on their own.  Life lessons are taught through Biblical principles for living. Psalm 111:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all those who practice it have a good understanding…”

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