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What is the most sought after answer regarding music when looking for a church family?

  • Are you contemporary or traditional in your musical style?Flute

StringsThe short answer is traditional, however, both the terms traditional and contemporary mean different things to different people.

 Please check out our music philosophy for a better understanding of what we believe with regards to music used in worship.

For those currently involved in a music ministry at TCBC please see the below link for the most up to date music schedule: Schedule


Generation Choir Music

Majesty: Choir Song   Come Praise The Lord: Choir Song  It Is Well With My Soul: Choir Song

PHILOSOPHY OF MUSIC MINISTRY:  Below is a synopsis of our Philosophy for Music in our church.  Click on the below link for a more detailed outline of each statement.

Twin City Bible Church’s Philosophy of Music Ministry

WORSHIP MUSIC SHOULD BE INTENTIONALLY SCRIPTURAL:  Worship music, like the rest of the worship service, should be filled with biblical quotations, imagery and allusions (Col 3:16)

WORSHIP MUSIC SHOULD BE INTENTIONALLY GOD-GLORIFYING:  Worship music—and the rest of our lives!—takes place for the glory and pleasure of God. As the Westminster Catechism states so well, our chief end is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” More importantly, Scripture teaches that just as all things were created by and for Christ (Col 1:16; Rev 4:11)

WORSHIP MUSIC SHOULD BE INTENTIONALLY CHRIST-CENTERED:  Worship music should be distinctly Christian. Our songs should make much of Jesus Christ and the glorious gospel. Because we believe that Christ crucified is the centerpiece of human history (1 Cor 1:23a; 2:2)

WORSHIP MUSIC SHOULD BE INTENTIONALLY CONGREGATIONAL:  Worship music should encourage every-member ministry. While we appreciate purposeful and appropriate special music, we believe that God is uniquely glorified by congregational singing. Worship does not belong only to those who are specially trained or gifted, but to every believer in Jesus Christ. Further, singing praise is the responsibility of the entire body, not a select few (Eph 5:18; Col 3:16).

WORSHIP MUSIC SHOULD BE INTENTIONALLY FERVENT:  Worship music should have texts and tunes that affect the entire person—mind, will, and emotions (Matt 22:37-38).

WORSHIP MUSIC SHOULD BE INTENTIONALLY DISTINCT:  Worship texts and music should reflect the character of God in His holiness, glory, weight, majesty,  love, grace, joy, and other perfections (Psalm 96)