Conservative Christianity
in a Spirit of Grace


Our Kidz Klub curriculum views all of life through a God-focused paradigm – that is: “It’s all about God”. Romans 11:33-36. It utilizes a Bible lesson time, memory verse time, song time, game time, and rewards in order to fortify young hearts the essential teachings of the authentic Christian faith. We willingly provide transportation with our van/bus ministry.

KIDZ KLUB MISSION STATEMENT – To share the love of God with the children He has given us, to show what God can do for them, and shepherd them in growth of spirit. We do this by: loving, listening, leading.

  • Come and listen to Godly instruction – Bible Lesson – 20 minute lessons are taught from both the Old Testament & New Testament using Striving Together Publications Children’s Curriculum.
  • Come and learn God’s Word – Memory Verses – 20 minute discipleship time with age-graded classes learning applicable Bible verses, prayer time, Bible lesson review, and just getting to know each other personally.
  • Come and have fun – Game Time – 20 minute game time in our gym with age-graded classes playing kickball and other fun group games.
  • Come and worship God – Singing – Early arrival children sing songs with an Adult leader while waiting for club to begin. In addition, game time and song time are alternated each week that allow children to learn new songs yet not miss game time.
  • Special weekly rewards!  Candy and prizes are given each week for behavior and memory verse awards.
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