Conservative Christianity
in a Spirit of Grace

Our adult classes are targeted to certain age groups. The groups are simply suggested classes you may attend but they are by no means meant as a mandate. Feel free to visits our adult classes as you wish. We stress strong Bible teaching in an atmosphere that is relaxed.

Mike MillerTimothy Class

(19 – 25 years old) It’s a time of life where I am now responsible for my own decisions. How am I going to live? What path will I follow? Mike and John challenge those in a crucial life age to think Scripturally in a manner that pleases God and not others or merely self.

 TimBerean Class

(26 –45 years old) How do we juggle all of life’s obstacles? Jobs and children and school and family and … the list goes on. Tim knows of life’s hardship but also knows how to handle them Biblically. They adamantly teach the sufficiency of the Word of God.

 2015-08-16 Sunday Morning-20-X2Victorious Ambassadors Class

(46 – 65 years old) Our nest is emptying, have we taught them properly? How do we best serve the Lord and pass on principles that our children can use with their families? Jim carefully dissects the Word for timeless principles of life.


J.O.Y. Class

Just Older Youth (66 years old & up) Is it time to “sit back and let others do the work”; not in this class. Our primary purpose is to study the word of God. David strives to build our knowledge of God and His Word with an emphasis in Godly worship. Maximum Bible study time is essential.

2015-08-16 Sunday Morning-18-X2New Believers/Discipleship Class

Any age (teens and above) Do you want to mature and grow in your relationship with Christ? We provide you with the milk, meat, fish and bread of life you need to move in the right direction. Greg, Sandra & Rhonda patiently provide individual direction to help new believers grow.

Calvins ClassHope Class

singles (25+) Activity monthly. Am I alone in life? Does God have anything for me to do? This class provides fellowship for others in the same situation in life. Calvin draws from the Bible for answers to life’s many questions.